Our Team

Emma Frankham, Ph.D


Emma (she/her) is an experienced editor, writer, and researcher who has amassed experience at global institutions including the World Bank. A content expert in her own right, her substantive areas of expertise are sociology, criminology, political science, public policy, international development, and development economics. Her research has been featured by outlets including the World Economic Forum, Vox, CNN, and The Independent.

Sociology Ph.D
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Political Science M.A.
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Political Science B.A. (Hons, First Class), University of Birmingham (U.K).

Timothy Lundy, Ph.D

Consultant Editor and Writer

Tim (he/him) is a professional editor with over ten years' experience and a comprehensive understanding of research. Substantively, his areas of expertise are literature, classics, philosophy, cultural history, art history, performance studies, and critical thought. He also has a background in teaching and nonprofit communications.

English and Comparative Literature
Ph.D, M.Phil, M.A.
Colombia University

English and Classical Languages B.A.
University of Nebraska

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