Researchers Say:

Hire Dr. Frankham and you'll get much more than a conventional editor. You'll get a highly collaborative and exceptionally well-trained social scientist.

Adolf Gundersen

Interactivity Foundation

It is particularly useful as a sociologist working on the criminal legal system to have an editor who is not only excellent with words, but also a content expert in her own right. Emma knows academic research from every step of the process and is wonderful to work with––I recommend her highly!

Michelle Phelps

University of Minnesota

Emma's strength is that she makes a concrete effort to better understand the technicalities of economic articles while retaining the voice of authors.

Dahyeon Jeong


Dr. Frankham is an exceptionally strong writer with a keen attention to detail and the ability to make complex data readily understandable to both expert and lay audiences.

Brandon Vaidyanathan

Catholic University of America

Emma provided extremely helpful feedback from a non-economic but logically rigorous perspective on the abstract and introduction. This was very useful in identifying a missing component of a particular line of reasoning about the contribution of the paper and vastly improved the paper.

John Loeser


The comments/questions, editing, and suggested revisions Emma provides are very helpful. I particularly value the ways she tightens the language and changes up transitions. I also appreciate that she is conscientious about the substantive content and flow of the arguments.

Brad Fulton

University of Indiana

Dr. Frankham's editing saved me valuable time as I transformed my dissertation into a book-length manuscript published by a leading academic press. She worked quickly and with precision, returning a draft that was shortened and sharpened while retaining the structure and content that gave my writing its voice.

Brandon del Pozo

Brown University

Emma provided outstanding copy editing assistance to my colleague, Barry Rabe, and I, for our series of eight reports on North American climate policy. She was attentive to detail, responsive, and skilled. She met all agreed-upon deadlines and communicated well throughout. Would highly recommend her services.

Joshua Basseches

Tulane University

Emma is skilled in managing and analyzing data and in resolving methodological issues. She writes well for both academic and non-academic audiences. Additionally, she is organized, focuses on results, and gets the work done on time.

Pamela Oliver

University of Wisconsin–Madison

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